Thursday, April 17, 2008

SCCM Tool: Client Center

Stumbled across this excellent tool out on Sourceforge: SMS Client Center. Has every action you could ever want in SMS all in a very slick gui. And most importantly it works in SCCM as well.

Major credit to rzanders and skissinger on Sourceforge for their work on this.


Llama said...

Hey Will,

the SMSCC definately is the tool for usw in SMS/SCCM :) rzander also created the SMS Collection Commander which is great for maintenance work.
Using an old vbs script from Marc Nunn, I created the SMS Mass Collection Adder which comes in quite handy if you want to add one or n clients to one or n collections. The current version is more like a quick shot, but you might want to give it a try too


Habib Jbir said...

Hi Will
Interesting article with some good pointers to summarise! Thanks for sharing.


Jack William said...

Thanks a lot Will Kaiser , it is very beneficial for regulars, i also take many more decision about SCCM @ sccm client center