Monday, April 28, 2008

OpsMgr: monitoring

In the area of .Net monitoring there are two prominent options, both presented by AVIcode.

Option 1: Licensed Managment Pack
This option is basically a shim for OpsMgr into the Avicode monitoring software. AVIcode offers an extremely comprehensive monitoring tool for, and this managment pack basically builds rules and monitors in OpsMgr that are fed off of this tool. Further, it actually integrates the OpsMgr UI with the AVIcode UI to a degree, so when you are invenstigating an alert in OpsMgr you can dig into it via AVIcode reporting via the OpsMgr UI. I've deployed this for a client who already used the AVIcode tool. The customer was very satisfied, particularly since they were aiming for a single monitoring interface for all tools.

Good stuff if you are looking for extensive monitoring.

Option 2: Free Management Pack
This little known MP is included on the Ops Mgr install CD. It provides basic monitoring only however I've deployed it for several clients as well who are looking for casual .Net monitoring and it has suited their needs well.

Location: \MangementPacks\


There's a good write-up of this MP out on SystemCenterForum, as well as a comment from AVIcode directly:


Phil said...

I just found a whole bunch of useful information via Google on your old blog. I'm subscribing to this one. Thanks for all tips I've found so far.

Will Kaiser said...

Always good to hear that people are finding this information useful.

If have any specify questions let me know.

Chris Goodman said...


First and foremost I work for AVIcode. I just wanted to let you know that we have released a new management pack for SCOM that includes KPI dashboarding and application transaction monitoring as well as state change notification. I can send you more information via email if you'd like: Please feel free to contact me:

Nikos said...

what about SCOM 2007 R2. where is the management pack for 2??

Matt Watson said...

There are now a lot of different ways and options for monitoring apps. Check out this blog post: ASP.NET Performance Tools you need to know