Friday, June 27, 2008

SCOM: How to change time range in performance view in the Web console.

When viewing a performance view in the web console, you may note that the default time range is 24 hours of data, and the option to change this is unavailable.

This time range can be changed for all web console by altering a file on the server hosting the Web Console as follows.

1. Open web.config in the (InstallDirectory)\Web Console on the server that hosts the Web console with notepad.

2. Add the following key under configuration, appsettings:

...where 'X' is the number of hours you'd like to display in the Web Console.

The following is an example of what to change in web.config to set the console to show 48 hours worth of data:

Excellent tip from Michael Pearson at Microsoft.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have mixed views..

One view.. 24h
Secon view... 360h
Third veiw... 720h

Anonymous said...

No, its not possible

Anonymous said...


for all you cutters and pasters out there.