Thursday, May 15, 2008

OpsMgr: Performance reports not showing data

"When I run a performance report against a single machine I get no data."

A very commonly asked question in the news groups. The resolution is quite simple:

When running a performance report against a single machine, use the 'Add Group' button for that machine rather than the 'Add Object' button.


The reason for this lies in the way that performance counters are assigned to objects in SCOM. For example, a CPU performance counter may not necessarily be "owned" by a specific computer object. Figuring out that assignment can be painful. However when 'Add Group' is used rather than 'Add Object', you are basically telling SCOM "I want this counter data for this machine. You figure the rest out." A bit unorthodox but it works.

Credit goes to Vitaly Filimonov at Microsoft for explaining this.

Additionally, here is a more thorough explanation of this from Kevin Holman:

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